The heat is on! It’s time to make a game plan for saving energy this summer. Here are a variety of ways you can offset the season’s rising temperatures. Use these 10 tips to help increase your home’s energy efficiency and save energy costs in almost every room!

1. Replace your inefficient air conditioner

Replacing old cooling equipment with a new, energy-efficient model is the best way to save on energy costs. Contact a professional for air conditioning services to determine which replacement is ideal for your home.


2.Relax and Unplug

Keep your electronics from sucking up all your summer energy by unplugging your chargers, TV, computer and other small electronics when you’re not using them.

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3. Weatherproof your home

Weather-strip, seal, and caulk leaky doors and windows. It’s possible that more than 20% of the air moving through your system is leaking into spaces you do not want cooled.


4. Use LED Bulbs

Save energy and money by changing a standard light bulb in your home to an ENERGY STAR®-qualified LED bulb. LEDs use 90 percent less energy than standard bulbs and can last up to 15 times longer.


5. Check your refrigerator and freezer temperature

Set your refrigerator temperature between 37 degrees and 40 degrees and your freezer at 0 degrees. If accessible, clean the condenser coils at least every six months. Make sure refrigerators and freezers are as full as possible and that the seals are in good condition.


6. Use appliances that produce heat when it's coolest

In summer, avoid using appliances that produce heat during the hottest times of the day.


7. Use hot water for laundry sparingly

Wash your clothes – a full load at a time – in warm or cold water and rinse in cold. Use hot water sparingly. And don’t use too much detergent. Over-sudsing makes your machine work harder.


8. Go Low Flow

In the summer, water usage usually increases —whether it’s watering your lawn or taking more post-swim showers.Keep outdoor watering costs downby only watering grass and plants in the early morning or at dusk, so the water doesn’t evaporate in the summer heat. Another secret to having anenergy efficient homeis installinglow-flow water fixtures. These work well on shower heads, toilets and even your outdoor sprinkler.

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9. Install a programmable thermostat

Your air conditioning works hard to remove moisture from the air and reduce humidity inside your home. Install a programmable thermostat and set the temperature a little higher (around 78-80°F).


10. Made in the shade.

Shade your home from direct sunlight – use shades, drapes and awnings to block the sun from heating your home.